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“K-9 Search & Rescue”

The first image here is a result of when I was invited to submit a piece for the “A Better World – heroes working for the greater good” exhibition. I chose K-9 Search & Rescue as my “heroes,” as we have one search group headquartered very close to where we live. Using the vintage National Park Posters as my inspiration and incorporating our nearby Mount Pilchuck in the background, I set out to honor the important work of these K-9 units. 

We were given the dimensions of 30” X 50” as the required size. My quilt contains hand-dyed fabrics and is machine quilted. 

It was selected for the exhibition and traveled for a couple of years and was also included in an article of “Quilting Arts” magazine.


Methuselah  (first image) Upon seeing an image of the ancient Bristlecone Pine from the Sierra Nevadas, I was enamored by the contortions and textures of these amazing trees with their twisted, gnarly limbs, supported by a short thick trunk lacking most of its bark. I was driven to construct my own fiber rendition of these wind-swept wonders of living and dead wood, entwined through the centuries, creating these masterworks of nature. Assembling the many elements of the trunk, and hand-pleating fabric for the roots required more than 1800 hours.


Trees have turned into a source of never-ending fascination and inspiration. Besides their wonderful textures and diverse colors, I am drawn to their amazing lines and shapes.

This new series of vessels endeavors to explore the textures, colors, and lines in the bark of trees from around the world. Bark is considered an accumulation of several different outer layers of a wood plant. Similarly, multiple layers are what I use to create my vessels; either by machine or hand stitching, or a combination of both. I am forced to slow down, to take my time and truly study what nature has so masterfully created as I attempt to emulate its beauty while interpreting these forms in stitch.

Wood Panels


I have had a love affair with doors for years. Their colors, textures, lines, and history have forever held my fascination. These little 9” X 12” doors were created on wooden panels using quilt remnants. Some pieces have molding paste and/or stucco medium to emulate the doors’ textures and character. The doors are then painted with acrylics. 


There is nothing more majestic than a tree. Their strength and endurance against impossible odds are so inspiring. I have used wooden panels and quilt remnants, followed by painting with acrylics  in my effort to replicate their textures, character and beauty. 


Light Connections (first image)  As an artist, Terri is all about texture. She is always experimenting with new ways to add textiles in combination with other medium for further dimensionality and interest. Given the turmoil generated by the current political climate, Terri finds herself constantly trying to add some rays of hope and positivity into the universe. This has led to a journey to find the “light in the darkness” as we navigate these uncertain times. “Light Connections” was made by using an old quilt, gesso, and acrylic paint.