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Terri Shinn Textile Art & Mixed Media

Terri Shinn resides in Snohomish, Washington. Her textile art has been featured in numerous books, and regional, national, and international shows, and has been included in private and public collections. In 2005, she was named the “Snohomish County Artist of the Year.” In 2017 she received a diploma in Art and Design / Experimental Stitch. Terri currently serves on the board of the Schack Art Center, is a member of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen, a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates, and is a past commissioner on the Snohomish County Arts Commission.  

She views experimentation as an essential part of her process and looks to her sense of humor and outlook on life for inspiration. Terri especially enjoys the discovery process as she plays with various materials, experiments with different textures, and tackles new techniques.

Although textile and textile art has always been a safe harbor, Terri Shinn’s recent ventures into mixed media have furthered her passion for exploration. Her current body of work incorporates elements of her past love of quilts along with her new infatuation with experimental stitch, acrylics, printmaking, and various medium

Is the door opening or is it closing? What awaits us on the other side? This is a metaphor for our lives now. We’ve lived through several years grappling with complex and deeply personal issues amid the unknown. Will the pandemic end? Can we right the climate crisis? How do we rebuild stronger? With so much at stake, we watch to see if the doors will fling open, close again, or remain slightly ajar. We anticipate the future with uncertainty. 

Mixed Media  Textile Art  98” x 121” x 17” 

Hand stitched and knotted, hand-dyed threads and jute, industrial, farm and automotive parts, springs, handle, knobs, water faucets, stove burner, nails, gears, chains, pulleys, and other metal objects, timber uprights and cross-member are recycled old-growth wood flooring from an East Coast factory

Something to work with:

”A cacophony of motion; undulating shadows resonating between the timbers, the string section of tied-off nails and spikes dancing to the mood of the moment, clang-clang-clang  go the pulleys the knobs the handles, percussions and concussions shouting out from the negative spaces, a raucous symphony of exuberance from the chains and springs coming to life, flywheel and sawblades and gears act as cymbals clanging to be noticed, to be recognized…”


I have had a love affair with doors for years. Their colors, textures, lines, and history have forever held my fascination. These little 9” X 12” doors were created on wooden panels using quilt remnants. Some pieces have molding paste and/or stucco medium to emulate the doors’ textures and character. The doors are then painted with acrylics.